Tornado Fixtures And Fittings: What You Should Know

1 October 2019

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When it comes to fixtures and fittings, especially those used in the window and door fitting trade, the impact they can have is often overlooked. The main components of windows and doors, from the panes to the PVC body are all vital but by incorporating fixings and fittings you can add value and efficiency to a project with minimal effort.

From glazing to PVC finish to waterproofing, a simple addition of a fixing or fitting can improve lifespan, capability and appearance without too much impact on costs and time management.

At Storm, we understand that sometimes doing that bit extra can seem like it’s more of a hindrance than a benefit. For windows and doors or other premises components such as drainage, some items that can actually assist shouldn’t be neglected.

That’s why Storm designed the Tornado range: a comprehensive collection of specialist fixtures and fittings to complement the window and door industry.


Our Storm Tornado range includes…


Security Glazing Tape

Feeling secure in a place of work or in a residential area is a key demand for many property owners. Although windows and doors are security features in their own way, security glazing tape can add extra peace of mind.

Security glazing tape is placed between the glass and the rebate, preventing the unauthorised removal of panes from externally glazed windows. This cost-effective tape solution is just another way to maintain the hard work that has gone into fitting new windows or restoring those in older properties. In listed or heritage properties, secondary glazing isn’t always allowed and security or magnetic glazing tape can ensure extra warmth and security.

By choosing from steel or magnetic glazing tape, you can also facilitate other project requirements and insert additional features. Just make sure windows are always dust and debris free before use.

A tape of many uses, security glazing tape also helps to keep windows and doors watertight and heat efficient by blocking off areas subject to leaking or draughts. This can improve the heat maintenance of properties and prolong their lifetime by making sure they’re protected from the elements in weaker areas.


PVC angle


Rigid PVC Angles

Rigid PVC Angles have a wide range of uses such as corner guards, wall protection, stair nosing, hiding screw holes and many more applications around the home and commercial premises.

Made from a strong and low-maintenance PVC material, these angles can be used in internal or external corners and won’t fade over time. They’re also great for use in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is likely to build up as they are 100% waterproof and can simply be wiped clean.

As for installation, Rigid PVC Angles from Storm are available in 5m lengths for easy handling but come in different widths to meet varied requirements. These products can easily be cut without any special tools to reduce mess and labour time on-site. Always use Stormfix adhesive to get the most secure fixings from the product.

For projects that need specific colour schemes, Rigid PVC Angles are available in five different colours including White, Rosewood and Golden Oak.


Colour Restoration Pens 

Windows and doors go through a lot. With constant exposure to UV rays, weather conditions and general wear, it’s not always easy to maintain that perfect finish. Not to mention the common scratches that happen in the industry just from installation. With colour restoration pens, PVC colouration can be restored to look as good as new and it is practically undetectable.

Colour restoration pens are best used on unsightly scratches and with a continuous flow from a unique squeezing action, getting the perfect coating of new colour takes no effort at all but reaps great results.

With reversible tips that offer chisel and bullnose options, the line of any troublesome scratches can be covered with ease.


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Access Panels

Not quite possessing the height of your standard door, an access panel is still a panel or hinged barrier that allows access to an area. Access panels are most commonly used to hide away unsightly features such as plumbing parts, shut-off valves or drains.

However, these parts still require access to perform maintenance so should not be cut off completely. With clip catch plastic access, getting to smaller areas can be simple but with a clean, smooth finish they can also easily be hidden away without requiring an out of place covering.

Our access panels are available in sizes from 115mm x 165mm to 470mm x 470mm. This ensures that you can get the closest measurement possibly to fit the space available in your build.


Insulated loft door, opening and key lock 

Gaining access to loft and attic spaces can be difficult and sometimes a permanent stair fixture is not always a possibility. The loft door of a building will very rarely play on people’s mind which can lead to deterioration of their current loft door and perhaps even a lack of care in the installation.

Insulated loft doors are a great method of easy replacement and with the hinged loft hatch, gaining access when needed will be simple.

As the loft hatch is insulated, it’s also great for energy efficiency and regulating temperatures throughout the home.


Order fittings and fixtures today

Although overlooked, the above products can have a real impact on time and energy saving as well as reducing cost long-term and improving the potential of the window and door fittings.

From some much-needed maintenance to potential new installations, adding little fixture and fittings touches can go a long way on a project. Don’t hesitate to order as our Tornado products are kept in stock for fast and efficient delivery.

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This article was written by Jade Mitchell.

Jade is the Marketing Coordinator at STORM Building Products, she has been working in the building plastics industry since 2016 and has completed ISMM level 2 and 3.

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