STORMclad Hygiene Cladding: An Alternative To Altro Whiterock

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Hygiene cladding is commonly used in industries all over the world. With simple to clean surfaces, stain resistance and easy application, it’s a great addition to any room where cleanliness and sanitation are important e.g gyms, bathrooms and hospitality environments. 

At STORM, we believe in providing customers with the best solution on the market. Find out how our STORMclad outperforms other hygiene cladding solutions below. 

What is STORMclad?

STORMclad products are part of STORM’s comprehensive BLIZZARD hygiene cladding range. Our BLIZZARD range is the largest collection of wall cladding available from one source, so you know you’re getting consistent high quality without needing to mess around with multiple suppliers.  

The STORMclad range is made up of the standard flat, solid PVC sheets that are specifically designed to be used in hygienic environments and the accompanying trims, divisions bars and corners—everything needed to fill an entire room with products from the same range. 

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Altro Whiterock VS STORMclad

Ensuring that companies invest in the highest quality product for the best price is a key concern in today’s competitive industries. Altro Whiterock is a popular cladding option within the industry, but STORMclad offers many of the same benefits. 

Altro Whiterock is described as the hygienic alternative to tiles that is impact resistant, grout-free and easy to clean with a smooth white surface.

Between Altro Whiterock and STORMclad, the difference in appearance is very minimal.  For a more refined or personalised appearance, STORMclad can be easily formed, fabricated and used for digital or traditional printing for unique finishes. 

As for applications, both products are competitive choices for use in the food industry and kitchens with easy to wipe and simple to clean advantages. The hygiene standards of these spaces are effortless to upkeep when all that’s required for STORMclad is some warm, soapy water. Altro Whiterock usually requires the purchase of PVC wall cleaner (for stubborn stains) or AltroClean 44 (degreaser).

The applications of STORMclad are not limited to culinary environments and can also be used in hospitals, surgeries, bathrooms, veterinary practices, schools and laboratories. Anywhere where hygiene is of the utmost importance! 

Altro Whiterock, as expected, provides good chemical resistance to withstand splashes and stains. STORMclad offers excellent resistance to most chemicals; good resistance to alcohols, glycols and most cleaning solutions commonly found in the commercial and industry workplaces.

A feature that sets STORMclad apart is its fire resistance. When STORMCLAD was independently tested, the following classifications were obtained: 

STORMclad has a Class 1/0 fire rating when attached to a non-combustible substrate, providing impressive fire resistance properties when installed.  

Which is more cost-effective? 

One of the main differences between these two virtually identical products is the price.

Available from £18.50, two sheets of 1220 x 2440mm x 2.5mm STORMclad are cheaper than a singular sheet of 1220mm x 2500mm x 2.5mm Altro Whiterock cladding. With that in mind, STORMclad makes for a cost-effective solution that guarantees the same quality of other popular cladding options.

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Other Hygiene Cladding Options

The competitive and comprehensive BLIZZARD range isn’t limited to STORMclad. 


STORMbrite is a lightweight, versatile, flexible and durable foamed PVC sheet with a Class 1 Fire rating. Easily fabricated and maintenance-free, this PVC sheet is ideal for use in construction and cladding. The laminated, high gloss finish to one side is excellent for producing high-quality displays for printers and advertisers.

It is also easy to cut and work with as well as being lightweight and easy to install, speeding up your process to get the job done. STORMbrite should be considered when existing walls are in need of repair and where a wipe-clean surface is required e.g. bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens. It is ideal for anyone from cladding and construction merchants to printers and advertisers.


STORMLITE is a PVC foam sheeting that is rated as self-extinguishing. Its main benefits are its lightweight, durability and versatility. STORMLITE is ideal for print media as well as boasting low sound and thermal conductivity.

Unlike other PVC sheeting, STORMlite can be used on interiors and exteriors. Its low water absorption and high-UV resistance, as well as impressive thermal insulation properties, give it unique advantages in the PVC market for applications such as poultry pens, dairy sheds, schools, storerooms and workspaces.


Pastel PVC Cladding is a range of hygienic cladding, bringing 4 pastel colours to the hugely popular STORMclad product group offering Blue, Grey, Green and Cream with complimentary trims to match. This gives the end user the option of colour over a generic white option but still maintaining a high level of hygienic properties.

The use of colour makes this cladding range more suitable where aesthetic or consistent decor is important. This can mean that the use of this PVC cladding solution is appropriate for restaurants and hotels in washrooms and bathrooms to deliver appearance and functionality. 

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Where to buy hygiene cladding? 

When you want the best product at the best price, it’s important to look around to find the best option. STORM’s BLIZZARD range boasts four unique styles of innovative PVC hygiene cladding boasting impressive qualities to ensure your choice doesn’t have to be expensive or limited. 

STORM can offer all the solutions you need in one place with everything from the sheeting to the trimming to all the necessary fixings. That way you can make sure you can collect all your stock at once to ensure you have everything your customers require. 

Interested in our STORMclad and BLIZZARD ranges? Find one of our distributors or contact us on 01278 455326 or email [email protected] today to find out more. 

This article was written by Jade Mitchell.

Jade is the Marketing Coordinator at STORM Building Products, she has been working in the building plastics industry since 2016 and has completed ISMM level 2 and 3.

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