Flat Cap

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Pack of 10.

110 x 90mm.

TRITON’s Composite PVC Fencing’s Key Features:

  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Choice of 3 Colours
  • Tough and Hard Wearing
  • Saves Money and Time
  • Looks and Feels Like Wood
  • Maintenance Free
  • Environmentally Friendly

What is Composite PVC Fencing?

Composite PVC Fencing is fencing made out of recycled plastic combined with resin to provide an Eco-Friendly product.

What is Composite PVC Fencing used for?

Composite PVC Fencing would be used to segregate between private gardens, give a decorative demarcation and also to provide privacy. Can also be used in areas where washing down is required i.e car wash booths etc as 100% waterproof and can be hosed down on a regular basis.

What is the best thing about Composite PVC Fencing?

The best thing about Composite PVC Fencing is that it is modular, easy to install, available in 3 colour choices with a range of accessories and is an economical product.

Why should you use STORM’s Composite PVC Fencing?

End users should use STORM’s Composite PVC Fencing as we provide unrivalled service and it can be delivered within days with technical and marketing back-up support.

Who is the type of customer that commonly uses Composite PVC Fencing?

Builders, DIY, homeowners, landscapers, maintenance crew, facility management would most commonly use Composite PVC Fencing.

Where is Composite PVC Fencing most commonly installed?

Composite PVC Fencing would most commonly be installed in private homes, recreational centres, caravan and camping sites, carwash booths

When should Composite PVC Fencing be considered? When should it be installed?

Composite PVC Fencing can be considered and installed at any time of the year however we recommend dry weather is more appropriate.

TRITON’s Composite PVC Fencing is Ideal for: