5 Benefits of Carports

3 February 2023

Benefits of a carport in use

We are all familiar with traditional carports, which are common in residential areas and offer a versatile undercover-parking alternative to garages. However, carports can be used for so much more; from commercial carports or business settings to schools and hospitals, to smoking and bus shelters, there are a wealth of uses for these cost-effective structures. Distributors, homeowners and business owners alike are discovering the wealth of benefits of carports. Read about our top five benefits of carports and how STORM can help you find the perfect fit for your project. 

  • Quick and easy to install 

Carports do not generally require planning permission, meaning they offer an alternative where assembling concrete structures may not be suitable. STORM has a variety of carports to suit every need and budget, and our experts are ready to advise you. Our Typhoon carports are supplied as a complete DIY kit and are easily installed, and are in stock ready to be shipped as soon as possible. They can also be disassembled and reassembled quickly if needed for a temporary project, thus saving costs and time.

  • Protection from the elements 

Weather damage can be disastrous- be it hailstones, heavy rainfall, or harsh sunlight where UV rays may fade paintwork; the elements can harm vehicles, tools and materials and cause delays to projects. When vehicles or tools can not be kept inside, a carport offers external protection, so you can be sure that the next rainstorm or cold snap will not cause unnecessary and costly damage. People can be protected too!

  • Versatile

Traditionally carports house domestic vehicles such as cars or motorbikes, and are attached to the side of a building or can be freestanding, However, there are many alternative uses, as the carport’s open style makes it easy to integrate into various outdoor landscapes, providing shade and weather protection in many settings. Storage of outdoor equipment on construction sites, seating areas in restaurants, and shelters in schools and offices are just a few alternative uses.

Commercial carport outside

  • Vandalism and theft prevention 

Storing your vehicle in a carport near your home or workspace means it remains protected while still being visible. This is also true for other items or vehicles you need to keep close at hand. 

  • Range of designs

STORM has a range of stylish carports readily available for your fit-out or project.  Our freestanding KCR Canopy, can be installed anywhere and does not require a supporting wall, making it highly versatile. With a built-in gutter and polycarbonate glazing, this is perfect for building developments. Our STORMport Canopy can be assembled anywhere with a supporting wall. Offering High Levels of Impact Resistance and superior insulation, it is perfect for larger projects or commercial buildings, such as schools or offices. For smaller areas, we have the Tassat Canopy, an outdoor canopy that can be installed in 1 day and is available in a wide range of readily available sizes. 

Look no further than STORM’s range of stylish and durablecarport building materials.. Our friendly and knowledgeable specialists are always happy to help; you can also get in touch by emailing [email protected], calling 01278 455326 or filling in our online enquiry form. Whatever your need, STORM has the solution!