Anti Bactericidal Cleaner

Product Code: ANTIBAC

Spray Anti-Bacteria Cleaner for Hygienic Wall Cladding.



What is Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner?

Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner is a cleaner for Hygiene Cladding.

What is Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner used for?

Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner is used for making hygienic surfaces bacteria free.

What is the best thing about Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner?

The best thing about Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner is that it eliminates bacteria.

Why should you use STORM’s Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner?

You should use STORM’s Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner as it is available to purchase along with a range of hygienic cladding trims as well as the cladding sheets.

Who are the type of consumers that would commonly use Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner?

Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner would be commonly used by Hygienic Cladding Installers, Shop Fitters, Building Contractors, Washroom Fitouts and Commercial Kitchen Installers.

When should Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner be considered and used?

Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner should be used when a hygienic sheeting installation is completed and handed over to the end user to carry on using for maintenance and cleanliness up-keep of the hygiene cladding.

How is the best way to clean Hygiene Sheets?

The best way to clean Hygiene Sheets is to spray the Anti-Bactericidal Cleaner onto a damp cloth and wipe of the hygiene cladding.