Pastel Satin PVC Cladding

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Range of Pastel Satin PVC Cladding with a Complete Suite of Matching Trims.

What is Pastel Satin PVC Cladding?

Pastel PVC Cladding is a range of hygienic cladding, bringing 4 pastel colours to the hugely popular STORMclad product group offering Blue, Grey, Green and Cream with complimentary trims to match.

What is Pastel Satin PVC Cladding used for?

Pastel PVC Cladding is used for wall cladding in hygiene areas e.g. clinics and hospitals.

What is the best thing about Pastel Satin PVC Cladding?

The best thing about Pastel PVC Cladding is that it is available in 4 colours with a range of matching trims giving the end user an option of colour over a generic white option but still maintaining a high level of Hygienic properties.

Why should you use STORM’s Pastel Satin PVC Cladding?

You should consider using STORM’s Pastel PVC Cladding because of their excellent national delivery service, coupled with unique marketing support.

Who commonly uses Pastel Satin PVC Cladding?

Generally, the customers that would use Pastel PVC cladding would be Hotels & Restaurants within their Kitchen/Washrooms etc. Other clients include Clinics and Hospitality locations giving people the option to allow an upmarket feel to the establishment as well as a warm environment over and against the standard white product that is generally used.

Where is Pastel Satin PVC Cladding most commonly installed?

Pastel PVC Cladding would be most commonly installed where there is a requirement for a hygienic wipe clean surface on the walls.

When should Pastel Satin PVC Cladding be considered and when should it be installed?

Pastel PVC Cladding should especially be installed when refurbishment work is being carried out or a totally new build project. PVC Cladding should be considered where there is preparation of food, washing facilities and general hygienic/hard wear locations where easy maintenance is required.

FORCE Polycarbonate Sheeting is Ideal for:

  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Sports Halls
  • Laboratories
  • Advertising & Signage
  • Signage in Chemical Environments

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