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The original lightweight roofing system; reliable and easy to install. Thanks to their lightweight and great mechanical flexibility, Onduline® sheets can be easily installed on a wide range of auxiliary buildings roofs.

Maximum protection with
a watertight guarantee

Cover your auxiliary building roof all by yourself in a way that’s practical and long-lasting. You can even choose from a wide range of colours. Onduline® material does not contain any asbestos and never has. It also does not contain any metal, so it will never rust!

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Outdoor Garden Shed With Onduline Roofing
Garden Shed Roof

Onduline® sheet features

  • Easy to install using a standard hand or mechanical saw
  • Watertight and wind resistant
  • Lightweight (about 3.4 kg/m²)
  • Eco-responsible (made with recycled content)
  • Onduline® Sealsmart™

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