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A structured aluminium beam that fixes to the building and allows glazing bars to be supported from it.

Also available in Golden Oak and Rosewood Foiled Finish – POA.
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SURGE Wallplate Key Features:

  • Allows multiple glazing material to be used
  • Wide spread of pitches

What is a Wallplates ?

A Wallplates is an aluminium beam that is fixed to a structure allowing the self-support bars to form a roof.

What are Wallplates used for?

Wallplates are used to attach a self-supporting roof system to a property

What is the best thing about a Wallplates ?

The best thing about Wallplates is it supports a self-support glazing bar system.

Why should end users use STORM’s Wallplates instead of a competitors?

End users should use STORM’s Wallplates instead of a competitors because it allows for all glazing thicknesses with one system.

Who are the type of customers that commonly use Wallplates (which industries/sectors/job types)

The customers that would use this product are within the double glazing industry and the home improvement sector.

Where are Wallplates most commonly installed?

Wallplates are most commonly installed in lean-2 conservatories.

When should a Wallplate be considered and installed?

A Wallplates should be considered and installed when building a conservatory or a self-supporting glazed roof.

What size should a Wallplate be?

The Wallplate should be the same width as e external dimensions of the roof.

What is the function of a Wallplate?

The function of a Wallplate is to support the glazing bars against the wall.

Which thickness polycarbonate can you use with a Wallplate?

You can use 16mm, 25mm and 35mm Polycarbonate with Wallplates.

SURGE Wallplate is Ideal for:

  • Attatching lean-to conservatory roofs to a building

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