KCR Canopy

Product Code: KCR-KC

The KCR is a Modern Black Cantilever Carport with Legs of One Side and Built-In Gutter.

5100mm x 2700mm projection.

TYPHOON’s KCR Canopy’s Key Features are:

  • Aluminium Frame with Unique Coating for Extra Durability
  • East of Maintenance
  • 2mm Solid Polycarbonate Glazing Material
  • Built-In Gutter
  • Easy to Assemble

What is a KCR Carport?

A KCR Carport is a cantilever free standing carport.

What are KCR Carports used for?

KCR Carports are used to provide shelter to vehicles.

What is the best thing about KCR Carports?

The best thing about KCR Carports are very versatile and don’t require support from buildings.

Why should end users use STORM’s KCR Carports instead of competitors?

End users should use STORM’s KCR Carports instead of competitors because this particular product is only available from STORM.

Who are the type of customers that commonly use KCR Carports (which industries/sectors/job types)

The type of customer to use this product would be Building developers and Home improvement sectors

Where are KCR Carports most commonly installed?

KCR Carports are most commonly installed in commercial and residential properties.

When should a KCR Carport be considered and installed?

A KCR Carports should be considered and installed at any time where shelter is required.

The TYPHOON KCR Canopy is Ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Car Shelter
  • Patio Shelter