35mm Bronze/Opal Multiwall Polycarbonate

Product Code: PC35-BO

35mm Seven Walled Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting, Bronze/Opal. Also Available in Clear, Bronze, Opal and Solarguard.

For any other sizes / bulk buying please contact STORM direct on 01278 455 326.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Range
  • 7 Thicknesses of High Quality Twinwall & Multiwall Polycarbonate
  • Over 900 Stock Sheet Sizes or Cut to your Specific Requirements
  • All Co-Extruded with a UV Protection Layer
  • Offering High Levels of Impact Resistance
  • Outstanding Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Superior Insulation
  • High Optical Clarity
  • Energy Saving
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Oversized Length Sheeting Available upon Request

What is 35mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting?

35mm Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting is a seven walled sheet that is available in clear, bronze and opal coloured variations including a solar guard and bronze on opal.

What is 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting used for?

35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting is used for conservatories, sun lounges, canopies, walkways.

What is the best thing about 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting?

The best thing about 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting is that it is UV stabilised one side to give a 10 year warranty. It is easy to cut and install. It is available in Clear, Bronze, Opal, Solar guard and Bronze on Opal. It Is lightweight and very durable and is a good insulator.

Why should you use STORM’s 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting?

You should use STORM’s 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting because STORM offer one of the largest ranges possible. We have extensive stock available and complimentary accessories and can cut any sheet size or shape.

Who are type of consumers that would commonly use 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting?

The glass and glazing industry, conservatory installers, DIY and Trade are the type of consumers that would commonly use 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting.

Where is 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting most commonly installed?

35mm Polycarbarbonate Sheeting is most commonly installed in conservatories.

When should 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting be considered and installed?

35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting should be considered and installed when roofing is required especially when natural light is needed. Also is very excellent for insulation.

Can you walk on 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting?

It is not recommended to walk on 35mm Polycarbonate Sheeting but it does depend on how well it is supported below.

How long does 35mm Bronze/Opal Polycarbonate Sheeting last in the sun?

Polycarbonate at any thickness comes with a 10 year guarantee on fading and discolouration as well as material breakdown.

What is Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting?

Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting is an extruded polycarbonate sheet comprising of multiple layers of polycarbonate providing a insulated roofing sheet available in 16,25,32 and 35mm thickness. It is also available in different colour variations.

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Our Polycarbonate Sheeting is ideal for:  

  • Conservatories
  • Canopies
  • Vertical Glazing
  • Displays
  • Curved Rooflights
  • Industrial Rooflights
  • Signage
  • Greenhouses
  • Covered Walkways
  • Swimming Pool Covers
  • Insulation

35mm Twinwall U-Value – 1.2W/m2K

35mm Twinwall Light Transmission – 7%

Fire Resistance Standards – BS 476-7 Class 1Y

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