Carport Leg

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Includes fixings and brackets.

TYPHOON’s Carport Legs Key Features:

  • Specially designed bracket to eavesbeam and floor.

What is a Carport Leg?

They are a support leg for a freestanding Canopy or Carport.

What are Carport Legs used for?

Carport Legs are used for providing support for the front elevation for Canopies and Carports.

What is the best thing about Carport Legs?

Carport Legs come complete with fixings as well as a unique locking device for the Eavesbeam.

Who is the type of consumer that would use a Carport Leg?

Double Glazing Installers, Building Contractors and Canopy Installers would all use Carport Legs.

Where are Carport Legs most commonly used?

Carport Legs are most commonly used on the front elevation of Carports and Canopies.

When should Carport Legs be considered and installed?

Carport Legs should be considered and installed when having a lean-to canopy or carport.

Why should you use STORM’s Carport Leg?

STORM’s Carport Legs are simple to use, comes complete with fixings as well as unique locking devices for the Eavesbeam.

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TYPHOON’s Carport Legs are ideal for:

  • Providing a robust aesthetically pleasing look to carports and canopies.

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