AQ2 External Corner -PVC

Product Code: N/A

To use with the AQ200 and AQ250 Panels.

What is an AQ2 External Corner?

An AQ2 External Corner is a trim used for AQ200 / AQ250 cladding.

What are AQ2 External Corners used for?

AQ2 External Corners are used to join AQ200 / AQ250 decorative wall cladding on a corner.

What is the best thing about AQ2 External Corners?

The best thing about AQ2 External Corners is that they are simple and easy to use and install.

Why should end users use STORM’s AQ2 External Corners instead of a competitors?

End users should use STORM’s AQ2 External Corners instead of a competitors because they are available in 3 colours and packed singularly.

Who are the type of customers that commonly use AQ2 External Corners (which industries/sectors/job types)

The type of customer to use this product would be DIY and plumbers.

Where are AQ2 External Corners most commonly installed?

AQ2 External Corners are most commonly installed in washrooms.

When should an AQ2 External Corner be considered and installed?

An AQ2 External Corners should be considered and installed when renovating bathrooms or wet rooms.