AQ250 Light Grey Marble

Product Code: AQ250-LGM

250mmm Wide Decorative Wall Cladding Panel. Sold in packs of 4.

Size:  5mm (T) x 250mm x (W) x 2700mm (L).

SPECTRUM’s AQ250 Decorative Cladding’s Key Features:

  • Gloss Surface Finish
  • Tongue and Groove
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Light and Easy to Install
  • Non-Porous
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Wipe Clean Surface
  • Class 1 Fire Rating


What is AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding?

AQ200/250 is a Decorative Cladding for use on walls and ceilings, with a range of PVC trims in 3 colours.

What is AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding used for?

AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding is used where a decorative finish is required along with a water resistant feature mainly used in domestic washroom areas.

What is the best thing about AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding?

The best thing about AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding is the large option of decorative finishes and range of trims available.

Why should end users use STORM’s AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding?

You should consider using STORM’s AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding because of its availability, extensive colour and design options backed with STORM’s unique marketing support.

Who are the type of customers that commonly use AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding?

AQ200/250 is most commonly used by DIY enthusiasts, decorators and the home improvement sector.

Where is AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding most commonly installed?

AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding would be most commonly installed in bathrooms, wetrooms etc.

When should AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding be considered and installed?

AQ200/250 Decorative Cladding should be considered when refurbishment work is carried out within properties in a washroom area.

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SPECTRUM’s AQ250 Decorative Cladding is Ideal for:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Hygienic Areas
  • Corridors
  • Commercial