Decorative Cladding: What You Need To Know

1 August 2019

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What is decorative cladding? 

Decorative cladding panels offer you a contemporary, attractive and convenient way of decorating any room (not just bathrooms!). By using cladding panels, you can remove the need for painting and tiling which will save you time, materials and effort.

Made from durable PVC, plastic wall panels and plastic ceiling panels provide a smooth, waterproof covering for new and existing interior surfaces in homes, offices and industrial applications where hygiene is key.

STORM’s SPECTRUM decorative cladding range combines effectiveness and practicality with ease of installation and a pleasing finish. Find out below what you need to know about choosing and installing cladding and why SPECTRUM should be your first choice for your next decorating project.


Types of decorative cladding

Decorative cladding is designed for full internal coverage of any room where required. Manufactured to be fitted to walls and ceilings, SPECTRUM cladding is guaranteed to give a pleasing finish whilst maintaining high levels of hygiene.

Interior wall cladding 

Wall decoration is a key area of focus when it comes to interior design. The colour and appearance of walls can improve the feeling of size in a room and with interior wall cladding you can combine aesthetic and space with hygienic function.

In areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, walls can be subjected to a lot of condensation which can lead to mould or damp. With SPECTRUM cladding, there is no chance of mould growth (due to no grout lines) and build-ups of water vapour or questionable stains that could cause permanent ‘damage’ can just be wiped away.

Why is this important to choosing your cladding? Because it helps maintain hygiene standards and doesn’t allow the build-up of unsavoury unhygienic contaminants.

So what types of wall cladding does the SPECTRUM range offer?


AQ1000 decorative cladding is wall cladding 1m wide with a range of decorative designs and with a range of complimentary PVC and aluminium trims. The best thing about AQ1000 decorative cladding is it’s a very economical and easy to install cladding, giving multiple options of designs and finishes.


AQ1000-3D Decorative Cladding is wall cladding 1m wide with a 3D image added to it. It is used for adding a decorative look to bathrooms and wetrooms with a 3D feel. AQ10003D is available in 8 different colours and the Matt surface adds a natural and realistic effect alongside the perception of depth with the multi-levelled feel.

Ceiling cladding 

AQ200 / AQ250

AQ200/250 has a range of PVC trims in three colours. It is used where a decorative finish is required along with a water-resistant feature mainly used in domestic washroom areas. The best thing about this cladding product is the large option of decorative finishes and a huge range of trims! From red sparkle to Pergamon marble, these diverse colour ranges can suit any design vision.

This cladding is designed for use on walls and ceiling so can provide full coverage in a consistent finish all-around a room. These cladding sheets come in packs of four and a range of fittings are available to make sure you can have a completely smooth finish from floor to ceiling.

All SPECTRUM cladding panels have a gloss surface finish, are 100% waterproof with a wipe-clean surface and have a class 1 fire rating for enhanced hygiene, appearance and safety.

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How to fit decorative wall cladding

Having cladding is all about improved efficiency and style. The installation process should be as seamless as the finished design.

Storm’s cladding panels are lightweight and easy to install. With tongue and groove edges, panels can be slotted together or into accompanying trimmings.

To get the correct size of the cladding panel, you may be required to cut the PVC sheets. Always use a fine-toothed saw when cutting panels for the cleanest, most accurate finish. Panels should always be evaluated before they are applied, to avoid having to remove them later. Always remember to take into account existing fixings such as pipes or lighting.

Choose a solvent-free, strong adhesive for fixing the cladding panels to the wall or ceiling such as STORMgrip or STORMfix. Solvent-free adhesives are water-based and odourless, not to mention easy to work with. Solvents are dangerous for inhalation in small spaces and as cladding is usually fitted in smaller rooms, solvent-free adhesives are always the safer options.

The STORMfix can easily be inserted into a sealant gun and the adhesive can be applied to the back of the panel. STORMgrip should be applied with an adhesive trowel. If your surface is uneven, more adhesive will be needed to compensate. Once the first panel has been pressed to the wall, the other panels will also require adhesive but can simply be slotted into the tongue and groove fitting of the previous panels. Seal joints with clear silicone to create an even more secure resistance against water.

Screw in the panels on the lower layer of the tongue and groove joint as you go for added fixing strength.

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How to clean decorative cladding? 

Decorating cladding is a low-maintenance solution and is resistant to most stain or water damage but making sure your cladding is wiped over or cleaned every now and then will prolong its life. The use of an anti-bactericidal cleaner will help to maintain hygiene and fight off any unwanted bacteria on the walls or ceiling.

Warm water and a cloth are more than efficient for cleaning marks off of the cladding surface and giving it a nice, clean finish. As good as new every time!

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Where to use decorative cladding

As decorative cladding combines safety with aesthetic and hygienic concern, the options for use are fairly limitless. From residential homes to offices, cladding panels can cut down the need to constantly be worrying about hygiene because the panels make it easier and less time-consuming to just wipe dirt and water build-up away.

Decorative cladding is also so easy to install that it can be installed all across different sections of a building in a short period of the task for lots of different rooms. With the wide selection of colours, you can also make sure to add diversity, especially in blocks of homes where little elements of personal touches are appreciated.

STORM Building Products offer some of the most innovative plastic products for your projects and finishes. With so many products and great ranges to choose from, you can satisfy all your PVC needs with us today.

Need a cost-effective, maintainable cladding for your next project? Contact STORM today on 01278 455326 or email [email protected]

This article was written by Jade Mitchell.

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Jade is the Marketing Coordinator at STORM Building Products, she has been working in the building plastics industry since 2016 and has completed ISMM level 2 and 3.

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