21 August 2023

At STORM, we were proud to be approached to manage and supply our specialist products to support the construction of Redhill School’s canopy in the school’s outside area.

The school was looking to add an area on their grounds which provides cover during harsh weather conditions. Our PC16 Opal 1050 x 10560 with breather tape paired with the pre-erected canopy legs made for the perfect addition. 

The project didn’t go ahead without the team being presented with challenges. During the measurement stage, we realised that extra-long sheets would be required. Fortunately, our expert team promptly overcame this, utilising our skills and knowledge. Another issue the team faced was access. To carry out the project, the team had to get a special vehicle to accommodate the site. 

The school was pleased with our specialists’ service, maintaining regular communication throughout and delivering an outstanding result everyone was very happy with and ready for the school to put to good use.