The Benefits of Cladding: Hygienic Cladding Range

8 December 2023

Hygienic cladding is designed and manufactured to benefit environments which prioritise hygiene, such as hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens, and it can add to the aesthetic appeal of a setting. This blog delves into the many benefits of cladding with STORM’s hygienic range, including STORMCLAD, STORMBRITE and STORMLITE

For times when the walls are splattered with liquids such as food or chemicals, the STORMCLAD and STORMBRITE cladding are easily cleaned, needing only to be wiped down, which makes the sheets ideal for environments which prepare food or places which risk the spilling of chemicals like laboratories. These sheets meet international hygiene standards, including being food-certified. 

These sheets are easy to clean in general, needing only to be washed with warm, soapy water, meaning that the sheets are easily maintained while staying incredibly beneficial overall. 

Cladding such as the STORMBRITE has high-density properties, making them incredibly durable and unlikely to break or damage. As the cladding panels are unlikely to sustain lasting damage, they have long lifespans and, therefore, only require an initial purchase and no further payments, making these cladding sheets very cost-effective. 

Additionally, STORMCLAD wall cladding is fire-resistant and can achieve a class 1/0  fire rating, which reduces the risk of fire spreading, increasing the safety of everyone in the surrounding areas, and the cladding can withstand the temperature, allowing everyone in the immediate area to exit safely. 

Another benefit of hygienic cladding is how simple the installation is. When designing a space that prioritises hygiene, the initial instinct would be to use some form of tile as they are also easy to clean, but installing tiles takes a long time, even if it is a small space. STORM’s cladding is extremely quick to install as the sheets can be cut to the size you need, and you only need the walls to be clean and dry for installation. 

As the cladding materials arrive in a singular sheet, it is much more cost-effective than tiles, which you would need to purchase numerous individual tiles. There is also the benefit of a shorter installation time when using cladding, which can be cut to size on-site efficiently, as there is no need to wait for the cladding to dry to the walls the way that tiles need to. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of cladding and STORM’s range of hygienic cladding, or are interested in purchasing some, please contact us today.