2-Part Starter Trim

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Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim to use with Pastel Satin PVC Cladding. Available in matching colours and 2.5m and 3m lengths.

What is a Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim?

Pastel 2-Part Starter Trims are a 2-part PVC trim to provide an edge for Pastel PVC hygiene cladding in matching colours.

What is a Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim used for?

Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trims are used to start and end hygienic wall cladding.

What is the best thing about a Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim?

The best thing about Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim is the ease of installation on starting and finishing hygienic wall cladding.

Why should you use STORM’s Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trims?

STORM’s Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim is available in 2 lengths, 2.5m and 3m, from stock along with nationwide delivery to all customers.

Who are the type of consumers that would commonly use Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trims?

Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim is commonly used by Hygienic Cladding Installers, Shop Fitters, Building Contractors, Washroom Fitouts and Commercial Kitchen Installers.

When should Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trims be considered and installed?

Pastel PVC 2-Part Starter Trim should be installed in areas where hygiene if of high importance for wall cladding.

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