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F Section Aluminium

Product Code: N/A

An Aluminium extruded trim in the shape of an F.

SURGE’s Aluminium F Sections Key Features:

  • Available in all thicknesses
  • Available from 3 – 6 metre lengths
  • Available in White and Brown

What are Aluminium F Sections used for?

Aluminium F Sections are used for going over edges of Polycarbonate Sheeting to form a drip.

What is the best thing about Aluminium F Sections?

Aluminium F Sections are strong, durable, and available in 4 thicknesses and 2 colours, white and brown.

Why should you use STORM’s Aluminium F Sections?

STORM keep the Aluminium F Section in stock and also offers nationwide delivery.

Who are the type of consumers that would use Aluminium F Sections?

Glazing Installers, Building Contractors and DIY would all use Aluminium F Sections.

Where are Aluminium F Sections most commonly used?

Aluminium F Sections are most commonly used on the edge of Polycarbonate Sheeting.

When should an Aluminium F Section be considered and Installed?

Aluminium F Sections should be used when installing a Polycarbonate Roof.

What are the advantages of Aluminium F Sections?

The advantages of Aluminium F Sections is that they are strong, durable, and available to suit a range of polycarbonate thicknesses.

What are the disadvantages of Aluminium F Sections?

The disadvantages of Aluminium F Sections is that you need a hacksaw to cut and more expensive than PVC F Sections.

What Polycarbonate can you use with Aluminium F Sections?

You can you Aluminium F Sections with 10mm Twinwall16mm Multiwall25mm Multiwall and 35mm Multiwall Polycarbonate only.

SURGE’s Aluminium F Sections are ideal for:

  • Finishing off the perimeter of Polycarbonate Sheeting

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