TRITON Double-Faced Decking WPC, Black

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Double Faced WPC Decking boasts great benefits such as being maintenance and trip hazard free and is environmentally friendly! The black option is 1 of 5 colours available and has a strong impact on any outside setting. Available in a choice of 3m or 5m decking boards for a variety of projects.

TRITON Double Faced Decking’s Key Features:

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Does not Accommodate Algae Growth
  • UV Weather Stable Properties
    • Does not Rot, Splinter or Warp
  • Simple Installation Process
    • Unique Removable Clip System for Easy Access (PVC Clip)
  • Made From Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Choice of 5 Colours (Black, Grey, Natural, Teak & Brown)
  • Two Design Options (Woodgrain *NEW* or Narrow Spaced Grooves)

What is TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking?

WPC Double Faced Decking is a revolutionary decking with a unique composition to replicate wood without the maintenance and hazards of the traditional timber deck.

What is TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking used for?

WPC Double Faced Decking is used to provide a maintenance free outside area for the whole family to enjoy.

What is the best thing about TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking?

The best thing about WPC Double Faced Decking is that it is safe, easy to install, maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

Why should you use STORM’s TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking?

End users should use STORM’s WPC Double Faced Decking instead of competitors as STORM offer a 10-year guarantee as well as offering 5 different colours, 2 designs and 2 lengths as well as a whole range of matching accessories.

Who is the type of customer that commonly uses TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking?

Builders, maintenance companies, landscapers and DIY are the types of people that would commonly use WPC Double Faced Decking.

Where is TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking most commonly installed?

WPC Double Faced Decking would most commonly be installed in private homes, parks, recreations centres, caravan and camping sites.

When should TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking be considered? When should it be installed?

WPC Double Faced Decking should be considered when upgrading and renovating, installing new decking areas or creating extra clean, dry areas. WPC Double Faced Decking can be installed any time of the year but would advise during the Spring.

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TRITON WPC Double Faced Decking is Ideal for:

  • Commercial and Residential Use
  • Refurbishment/Renovation Schemes
  • Schools
  • Public Spaces
  • Lodge and Residential Homes
  • Garden Office and Buildings