How can hygiene cladding support infection control?

27 March 2020

Hygiene Cladding Supporting Infection Control

Good hygiene practices and cleanliness are important anywhere, but in hospitals and medical facilities, controlling the spread of germs is critical to protect at-risk patients and hardworking staff who are constantly exposed.

Infection control is one of the most discussed topics in regards to healthcare facility planning, furniture, design and interiors. This is because infection and illnesses are synonymous with hospitals. Infection control measures work to prevent or stop the spread of the pathogens and/or cross-contamination.

Health care workers undertake as many precautions as possible to prevent the spread but products such as hygiene cladding support the day-to-day cleaning, welfare and hygiene that NHS systems work so hard to enforce while carrying out their own valued duties.

How does hygiene cladding help control infection? 

The built environment has an important part to play in the management and prevention of spreading pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the NHS and medical facilities require interior solutions that offer aesthetic and hygienic properties.

There are certain qualities that hygienic healthcare environments must own in order to prevent disease spread. These qualities include surfaces being non-porous and easy to clean to support pathogen containment.

STORMclad hygienic wall cladding is a flat, solid PVC sheet that is specifically designed and manufactured to benefit the hospital and commercial environments where sterility is imperative. The STORMclad PVC sheets or additional fixings do not have gaps or inlets for pathogens to ingress and therefore cannot hide away from strict cleaning procedures.

As cleaning is such an essential part of hospital care and disease prevention, STORMclad hygiene cladding is easy to wipe clean and requires little maintenance so it can remain in its original state even in a hard-wearing environment.

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Why STORMclad hygiene cladding?  

STORMclad hygiene cladding makes the difficult task of maintaining environmental health easier. The hygiene cladding that STORM offers is an impervious and easy to clean system that meets the hygienic requirements of even the most critical care facilities.

STORMclad hygiene cladding is also chemical resistant, ideal for any wear that is common in hospitals where splashes and spills are possible.

When timeframes are minimal and hospitals need prompt solutions, especially as infection control becomes an increasingly crucial issue, STORMclad hygiene cladding is easy to install and can be erected in minimal time for new developments or site updates.

STORMclad hygiene cladding is available in an extensive colour range to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

To make sourcing all the products that you require simpler and more cost-effective, the STORM range of hygiene cladding has all the sheets, trims and fixings that you require in one place.

You can also apply cladding directly on top of existing tiles as long as the tiles are in good condition (i.e. no loose or missing tiles), meaning environments can be adapted faster.

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Where to buy hygiene cladding

STORM have large stocks of STORMclad hygiene cladding supplies available to supply directly to the NHS or our valued distributors. With fast delivery of only 7 working days, we can provide a cost-effective solution fast with maximum results to support healthcare environments.

STORM hygiene cladding can help our healthcare environments provide a more secure service with less effort weighted on them. When infection control takes precedence, STORMclad is a cost-effective, reliable, long-lasting solution.

Do you want to supply hygiene cladding? All you need to do is fill out our ‘become a distributor’ form! We can also supply directly to the NHS group.

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This article was written by Jade Mitchell.

Jade is the Marketing Coordinator at STORM Building Products, she has been working in the building plastics industry since 2016 and has completed ISMM level 2 and 3.

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