A COVID-19 (Coronavirus) A message from The Storm Building Products Team

Following the latest government announcement, we remain open for business and will operate under stringent COVID-19 secure protocols for the safety of everyone.

We want to reassure our customers that we are fully open, fully operational, and fully stocked. We are offering the same high level of service to all our customers and will continue to do so throughout this lockdown.

All deliveries will continue as normal. We are and will continue to remain vigilant and will follow all government guidelines for social distancing and safeguarding of our staff and customers.

Doorstep Delivery Protocol

Delivery drivers have now been advised to minimise physical contact. Drivers are to leave goods in an outside area designated by the customer. They are to take the recipient's name only, but no signature will be required.

For large amounts of goods, please ensure there is a minimum of two people on-site to unload the goods from the vehicle. The driver will manoeuvre the goods to the relevant edge of the vehicle but will not leave the vehicle.

Please do contact us if you require any further information or assistance. You can be assured of our continuing support throughout this time and we will update you with any changes if they become necessary.


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When it comes to project success, there’s no room for failure. If you want to be the best in the industry and guarantee results on all of your projects, you need to ensure you have the best materials for the job. But how do you receive the best materials? Choose a material supplier that goes above and beyond to offer impeccable service and outstanding products.


Project delays aren’t just frustrating, they can also be detrimental to your business and working relationships. To get around these issues, you need a material supplier that delivers the products you need when you need them.

If materials arrive too early, you may need to store them which could result in additional storage costs. If products arrive late, your entire timeline will be messed up and delays will occur. You want a Goldilocks supplier; someone with a flexible delivery schedule that can deliver materials on time.
STORM has a large and dedicated delivery fleet that’s expected to grow in late 2021 to expand our product offering and logistical operation.

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A reliable building supplier stocks a broad range of products and materials for all project types and applications. Sourcing multiple products from different suppliers can be time-consuming and confusing, and your building material supplier should be able to offer a comprehensive package that helps keep you on the right track and on time with your projects.

Over the past few years, STORM’s product offering and strategy has been streamlined to provide a more focused and direct series of ranges that customers can benefit from. The quality of STORM’s products also helps set us apart as a market leader and our responsiveness to customer demands is next to none.

wpc decking supplier


The construction industry is a huge part of the UK economy and employs millions of people for a wide range of projects all over the nation. STORM are proud of our contribution as a distributor, partner and wholesaler for this industry and believe our statistics speak for themselves to show off our contribution.

  • In 2021 (YTD), STORM has supplied 11.55% of the UK’s volume of multi polycarbonate
  • STORM has sold 385705.4 metres of decking (YTD) – That’s equivalent to the height of 44 Everest & the distance between London and Paris when laid end to end
  • Two of STORM’s main hygiene cladding ranges (StormCLAD and StormBRITE) have increased in sales by 27.20% and 17.40% respectively over 2020’s sales in just nine months of 2021

The construction industry is in a period of rebuild but not necessarily growth so the figures above represent a significant part of the trade looking for a new supplier that can fulfil their needs and provide their products, and STORM are on-hand to do just that.

polycarbonate supplier


In 2004, STORM Building Products moved to larger premises, and this helped expand the product offering significantly. Since then, the STORM stockholding has grown exponentially and the warehouse is full of stock ready to be prepped and delivered.

STORM invest in maintaining a large stockholding so that we can keep our promise of exceptional services to our valued customers. At STORM, we don’t believe in empty promises and grey timelines… when we tell a customer that we can supply materials for their project then that’s what we will do.

building materials supplier


At STORM, we achieve our goals through our desire to be different and always maintain a focused drive to go the extra mile with every order, transaction, and customer interaction. Our team work cohesively to achieve the same goal no matter their position in the company and their role – one company, one goal, one STORM.

As a business and market leader, our drive to be different will always set us apart from other material suppliers in the industry and our figures and customer loyalty statistics reflect just that.


At STORM, we don’t just provide products – we provide a business relationship and offering that will support your projects this time, next time, and every time you need us. We have all the tools, trade knowledge and technical ability to set you up for success, whether you’re an avid DIY’er or a high-end contractor managing multiple projects.

Contact the STORM team today to find out how we can support your next project, call 01278 455326 or email [email protected]