5 Reasons To Choose Decorative Cladding

27 January 2020

5 Reasons To Choose Spectrum Cladding

Versatile, waterproof and virtually maintenance-free, our range of decorative cladding is the perfect application for any bathroom project. It’s also a fantastic alternative to tiling. Discover 5 great reasons why you should choose STORM’s decorative cladding below.

Cost-effective solution to tiling

Tiling is painstaking if you intend to do it yourself and most people are very reluctant to pay someone to come in and do the job for them. For these reasons, a lot of people are eager to find an alternative to tiling that does the same job.

Tiling is one of the most expensive parts of bathroom redecoration and tiles can vary hugely (and ridiculously in price). You can often find that boxes of tiles don’t go as far as people think they will and end up spending even more money than what was budgeted for.

If you can offer an alternative to the frustrating and expensive task of tiling then you’re putting yourself in a good place for customers who are desperate for a better option. That’s where decorative cladding comes in.

Decorative cladding is a great solution for anyone looking for a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to decorate their bathroom. The panels are lightweight, simpler to cut to the size you need and adhere to the wall much faster. They also apply in big sections, rather than fiddling around with small tile sections.

Not only do you save time because of all of the above but the product materials are less expensive.

Wide range of cladding choices 


AQ250 wall cladding is the perfect application for bathroom walls and ceilings instead of tiles, as they boast a slim 250mm width, creating a feature from the panelling.

The plastic panelling features a waterproof, hygienic and durable structure with a high-gloss easy to clean surface. They are pretty much maintenance-free. The tongue and groove system helps to provide a neat and secure installation with a lightweight design.

The Aqua 250 range is perfect for bathroom walls and ceilings and comes in a wide range of colours. Order your AQ200/AQ250 colour swatch now.


Our range of AQ1000 decorative cladding is the perfect solution for large scale internal cladding, such as whole bathroom wall or ceiling claddings.

The boards are available in 1m widths. The choice of colour and finishes (including sparkles and marble) provides a luxurious touch and the simple sleek gloss delivers something more subtle and professional looking.

All starter trims, supportive seals and corners make installation fast, efficient and hassle-free.


As great as the cost-effective and manageable maintenance of decorative cladding is, appearance is just important. In the commercial environment, guests base their impressions on interiors and decorative bathroom cladding will have a big impact.

Our AQ10003D wall and ceiling cladding boasts a 3D texture, in a tile or textured effect. Not only can you give the appearance of tiles at a fraction of the cost but the finish is professional and high quality.

From grey brick matt to sandstone matt, this range is designed to impress.


Opulent interiors can make bathrooms and hygienic areas real feature points. The high-gloss finish of the AQ1000-OP range gives any application a dazzling appearance.

There are three different colours in this range including Aqua and Brushed Steel. For a bathroom, these strong colours can brighten up the interior and improve overall aesthetics while saving time and money on upkeep and installation.

decorative cladding Spectrum

Utilised in various applications 

Cladding is versatile and can be used in most places where hygiene and aesthetics are important. Almost all of the Spectrum range can be used through most commercial and residential properties, specifically in bathrooms, shower, hygienic areas and corridors.

Whether it’s a one-off bathroom in a home or a multi-storey hotel looking for a wide-scale solution that’s consistent throughout, our decorative cladding has all the features to be a high-quality solution.

With so many sizes, colours and styles on offer, customers and contractors alike can get the finish, size and easy installation they want.

Decorative cladding also makes getting cleaning jobs done more efficient for a wide range of tasks. No longer will people have to pick between tiles to remove stubborn marks because decorative cladding is hygienic and easy to clean.

Variety of colour options available 

Colour makes a big statement in any environment. The shade, finish and hue of a cladding (or any wall covering) can directly contribute to mood and ambience. Our decorative cladding has really been designed to cover most colours in the spectrum, providing users with a colour solution for any style of finish or where a colour match with interior design is crucial.

Each of STORM’s cladding options has a colour swatch available for purchase so that customers and end-users can be confident than they’re getting the best shade for their bathroom.

Decorative Cladding spectrum colour range



When it comes to a great alternative to expensive and frustrating tiling, look no further than STORM’s range of decorative cladding. It will save you time and money and give you finished looks to be impressed by.

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This article was written by Jade Mitchell.

Jade is the Marketing Coordinator at STORM Building Products, she has been working in the building plastics industry since 2016 and has completed ISMM level 2 and 3.

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