Decorative Wall and Ceiling Cladding

4 January 2018

Our Hygiene Cladding conforms to the current hygiene and fire regulations. We also offer a vast range of hygiene wall cladding for any environment.

STORMLITE Foam Sheeting, STORMBRITE Gloss Foam Sheeting, STORMCLAD * PVC Sheeting all come with their matching trims, along with a range of Pastel Satin PVC Sheeting and Coloured PVC High Gloss Sheeting.

* STORMCLAD PVC Sheeting can attain CLASS 0 fire rating.

Our Decorative Wall & Ceiling Cladding comprises of a range of designer decorative internal wall and ceiling cladding. A waterproof, hygienic, durable, virtually maintenance free cost-effective and practical alternative to tiling. Panels fit together with a tongue-and-groove joint to ensure quick and easy installation.

AQUA200 – 200 x 2700 x 6mm wall and ceiling cladding. With 3 colour options, White Gloss Silver Embedded, White Sparkle Silver Embedded and Black Sparkle Silver Embedded, we give you a choice of trims available in black, white or chrome.

blizzard decorative wall

The AQUA250 – 250 x 2700 x 5mm wall cladding. With a choice of 16 different colours available and the same trims used for the AQUA200 panels.

decorative wall and cladding

AQUA1000 – 1000 x 2400 x 10mm wall cladding. A choice of 6 different colour options but with the choice of PVC or Aluminium trims – black, white or chrome.

blizzard ceiling cladding

AQUA1000-3D – 1000 x 2400 x 10mm wall cladding. Our newest product range with a selection of 7 different market leading 3D designs. Same trims used for these panels as the standardAQUA1000, PVC or aluminium/black, white or chrome.

ceiling cladding and decorative wall blizzard

Free samples of the above products available from STORM. Request yours now by emailing [email protected] or call the sales staff on 01278 455326.

STORM recommends using our 2 part polyurethane adhesive STORMGRIP ensuring a professional finish you can be confident with.