STRATUS Flat Sheeting

10 May 2018

stratus flat sheeting information

STRATUS – a range of flat sheeting including polycarbonate, composites and correx in a choice of thicknesses and sizes.


PlasiaxWire is a solid polycarbonate sheeting with the main purpose of providing an alternative to Georgian Wired Glass. With the innovative grid etched into the sheet surface means it retains the Georgian Wire image.

stratus flat sheeting

Solid Polycarbonate

This is a flat extruded polycarbonate sheet with the transparency of glass and the strength of steel. Solid Polycarbonate can be cold bent, fabricated and formed and is also UV protected on both sides.

Correx Sheeting

A cost-effective, lightweight, short term signage and packaging sheet. Easy to fabricate and used for temporary signs and protective packaging.

flat sheeting stratus

Aluminium Composite Panel

A lightweight and extremely flat rigid sheet with a high finish coating and aluminium layer, used for signage, point of sale, shop fitting, hoarding boards, displays and internal cladding.

sheeting flat stratus

If you want any more information on the STRATUS Flat Sheeting range please email [email protected] or call the sales team on 01278 455326.

Published 10th May 2018