Tassat Outdoor Canopy: Reasons To Buy

22 October 2019

White Tassat Outdoor Canopy Example

What is the Tassat Canopy? 

Part of STORM’s Typhoon range of Carports, the Tassat Outdoor Canopy is one of the most adaptable canopies in our collection.

The Tassat, like any canopy, offers a covered structure that is used to provide protection to vehicles, patios, walkways and verandas from the elements. It can be either free-standing or attached to a wall, with a polycarbonate sheeting or glass roof to protect anything underneath.

tassat canopy

Benefits of the Tassat Canopy

Our new outdoor canopy boasts a range of benefits that will make it hard for any consumer to turn down. Let’s explore these further…

Range of sizes

The Tassat Canopy is available in a wide range of readily available sizes including widths of up to 6 metres and projections of up to 4 metres. Due to its extreme versatility, it can be designed to meet the specific needs of each customer, with a standard width of up to 9.2 metres available and a maximum of 3 metres between supporting posts.

If you’re looking for more unique sizes to meet the needs of custom requirements, the Tassat can be provided in bespoke sizes – simply get in touch to discuss this with our specialists.

Colour options 

With this product, you also have the option of 3 different coloured 16mm Multiwall Polycarbonate sheeting panels – Clear, Bronze or Opal. Each colour choice boasts a U-Value of 2.4W/m2K, and fire resistance standards which comply with BS 476-7 Class 1Y, however, they have different levels of light transmission, clear being the highest and bronze the lowest.

This is an important thing to consider when choosing the polycarbonate roofing for your outdoor canopy. If you’re positioning your canopy to be south-facing, it’s certainly going to get a lot of sunlight so you may prefer a bronze coloured polycarbonate sheet to deflect more sunlight and provide further UV protection to your car.

Built in guttering 

If you’re worried about an outdoor canopy or carport collecting rainwater (or even defrosting snow and ice!) on the roof, then worry no more. The Tassat has a pitched roof between 5 and 20 degrees, as well as a built in guttering system to provide drainage and prevent any water from collecting. The supporting posts even act as downpipes, draining the water from the guttering so it doesn’t just flow off the roof onto the ground surrounding your vehicle. This unique system ensures that there is no puddling on the roof.

Ease of installation

A common pain point for installers is that some canopy bases are not solid enough, which is why they have to dig and provide a concrete foundation for posts. This can be time-consuming. The Tassat Canopy can be installed in 1 day, providing ease of installation that is covered further below.

White roof of the Tassat Outdoor Canopy.

How to construct the Tassat Canopy? 

When constructing a carport or canopy, it’s vital to ensure it’s constructed of weatherproof materials. Our Typhoon Carports boast a strong powder coated structural aluminium metalwork framing which allows them to remain functional, even after extreme hailstorms and other weather conditions.

We’d also recommend ensuring that the canopy does not overhang your neighbour’s property – and if it does – gaining their permission before you begin construction. It’s also important to check that it’s going to be positioned in a suitable place for rainwater to disperse and that you’ve been supplied with all components before installation.

There’s a variety of installation processes used for installing both lean-to and freestanding outdoor canopies. Typically they will need to have foundations drilled into the ground for the supporting posts to go into. A securing bolt then locks the post into the concrete which is poured in. However, there are also times where concrete will need to be poured into a guarded off area and the supporting posts settled into it for a firm and level foundation base.

However, the Tassat is a lot quicker and easier to install and comes with a step by step installation guide. As mentioned, with 2 people constructing this canopy, we’d recommend setting aside just 1 day for installation.

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Order outdoor canopies today

Canopies are a low maintenance way of providing protection to vehicles, patios, verandas and more. After installation, you can sit back, relax and sip a hot cup of tea knowing that it’s providing the protection you need – and you only need to brush and collect the leaves off the roof and guttering every 3-6 months.

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This article was written by Jade Mitchell.

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Jade is the Marketing Coordinator at STORM Building Products, she has been working in the building plastics industry since 2016 and has completed ISMM level 2 and 3.

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